• Globally, road deaths will kill more people than malaria, the current number 1 killer now, within 10 years according to the UN
  • Running off the road accounts for 30% of all road deaths
  • Motorways are 7 times safer than A roads
  • Road crashes cost the British economy more than 2% of GDP
  • Motorcyclists account for 1% of traffic but 21% of serious and fatal collisions
  • Work related road safety is not a cost, it’s an investment which gives high returns.
  • The most dangerous thing most people do in the course of their work is travel in a car.
  • No case for Corporate Manslaughter has involved driving for work yet, but it is only a matter of time so your company could really make the headlines.
  • 1 or 2 people at work are killed on the roads every day and 20 suffer serious or life changing injuries.
  • Insurance usually covers less than half the cost of a crash
  • Managing work related road safety effectively will reduce insurance premiums


We are developing guidance for potential sponsors for srsCULTUREforSchools. It would be sensible, for example, to encourage Members of srsCULTUREforWork (Companies) to sponsor their local school, any school with which they have an affinity, or even all the schools in their Town or County –dependent upon the company’s means.

Not all schools will be able to afford to join srsCULTURE or to purchase the Curriculum Bundles. Alternatively, they may have to delay joining until funding is available in a future financial year, wasting valuable time in addressing an urgent need.

We felt that it would be a fabulous idea, if, for example, parents or grandparents could sponsor their childrens’ school to leave a legacy of permanent road safety education. Furthermore, commercial businesses could undertake to sponsor schools in their area as part of their commitment to corporate community responsibility.

Initially we envisage three categories, the srs personal sponsor, the srs corporate sponsor and the srs local authority sponsor. But other groups may develop. Please click here to tell us if you have any ideas!

We are pleased to have had help and support from Keith McPherson of McPhersons Accountants, Guildford, who wishes to sponsor his grandchildrens’ school and Paul Hemmingway of Cascades Hotels Ltd has sponsored his child’s nursery.

Keith and Paul have kindly offered to help us hone our “srsGuidanceforSponsors”, based upon the experiences they encounter, when endeavouring to promote the concept to Head Teachers for example.

Please click on the links below to download further details.

srsCULTURE Synopsis.pdf
What is srsCULTURE.pdf
srsCULTURE Join Us.pdf